About Us

It started with finding that great cup to enjoy to a discovery of different kinds of coffee and community.


We aim to spread good coffee cup by cup, to add value and bring happiness to the people who walks in Cube Coffee.


We hope to get more people to taste coffee as it is. It’s a place where people can rest, share their stories and hopefully through their visit, we could inspire them with the little things they can find at Cube.



Each pastry is handcrafted and baked in-house. We want to create something special for our guests to enjoy and remember. Our pastry offering changes depending on the spur of the moment inspiration.


Our coffee is sourced internationally, and roasted by our local roasters. We also support local beans from friends we’ve met along the way. We offer different coffee beans, support the pioneers of coffee as well as the start-ups.



We aim to share that it is fun to brew your own coffee or for the people around you. Hopefully, through this brewing workshop, we can introduce good coffee to more people and to encourage them to dive into the world of coffee. We assure you it is an adventure you’d want to take.



Our past events:

  • Shoot of dramas and talk shows

  • Photoshoot

  • Birthday catering

  • NU catering and talk about coffee

  • Collaboration with EXTRA RICE

  • Mini parties

  • Business meetings