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What is coffee to you?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Hello from Cube Coffee!

Coffee can be as simple as a drink to keep you awake and help you get started with work. It can also be social, a reason for us to get together with friends or a venue to exchange ideas/have conversation. It can be because it fuels us to function and get through each day. It can be our source of inspiration to write that story we've been meaning to write or to finish that pending assignment or project we were tasked to do. It is our survival juice as we call it and this drink is full of wonders. It is different for each person and our experience grows deeper as we explore more coffee shops and try different drinks. Some of us will also be encouraged to learn to brew at home or at work. It can easily become part of our daily routine. Coffee is our source of strength. We hope we can be part of your coffee experience too.

We're here to explore coffee with you.

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